Literacy news

Here you’ll find the latest news from Project Literacy and our network of 100+ partners.

Community of Practice

Project Literacy Launches a Community of Practice

Pearson launched Project Literacy in early 2015, and in the course of just three years, we established a community of 120 partners. These partners have worked with us to run campaigns about literacy, increase the reach and effectiveness of literacy i...

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Tips for fundraising

12 fundraising tips for nonprofits

If done well, charity events can be a great tool for nonprofit fundraising and building a positive reputation. If done poorly, events can be costly and time consuming. We asked Reading Partners, who host a variety of fundraising events in their local...

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Evoke Leaders for Literacy

EVOKE: A video game about global literacy

What is your superpower? Are you a deep collaborator, empathetic activist, creative visionary, or systems thinker? These are the superpowers young people in South Africa have been developing through the EVOKE: Leaders for Literacy program. The ini...

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Book Boost winners

Book Boost: Access for All Challenge Winners

When Pearson, as part of the Project Literacy campaign, joined forces with All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development, we first considered which groups of people remained most impacted by barriers to literacy around the world. "We kne...

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How machine learning can support people with disabilities

As part of the Project Literacy Lab initiative we have been working with some of the world’s best social entrepreneurs who are dedicated to closing the global literacy gap by 2030. In order to showcase some of the great work the Lab entrepreneurs are...

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Read to Kids

Report Reveals How Mobile Technology Helps Home Literacy

Worldreader, in partnership with Pearson, Project Literacy and Results for Development have released the results of a two-year digital reading pilot which revealed how parents’ and caregivers’ reading habits changed after receiving access to a free m...

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UNESCO-Pearson Initiative for Literacy Update

The UNESCO-Pearson Initiative for Literacy: Improved Livelihoods in a Digital World was launched in 2016 as a research and advocacy partnership for digital solutions to advance inclusion within the context of lifelong learning and the Sustainable Dev...

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Beeline Reader

Enhancing online readability with BeeLine Reader

BeeLine Reader is one of the ventures that was selected to attend the Project Literacy Lab in 2017. The Lab accelerator is designed to highlight ground-breaking technologies and entrepreneurs working towards closing the global literacy gap.  ...

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World Literacy Sumit

2018 World Literacy Summit opens on March 25th

The 2018 World Literacy Summit will be held on March 25-27 at the Sheldonian, Oxford University, UK. The theme, “Closing the literacy gap in the 21st Century,” is set to initiate discussion, collaboration and bring forward solutions to help 750 milli...

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Women's Literacy

International Women's Day 2018

This Thursday is International Women's Day, when the world celebrates women’s cultural, economic and political achievements. In 1975, International Women's Day became a regular fixture in the calendar when the United Nations began celebrating it ever...

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